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Chin Surgery (Reduction & Augmentation)

Chins may be made bigger or smaller. No matter what we do with a chin, it's important to look at the teeth and the way they bite as well.

To make a chin bigger, we often either slide the chin forward and reset the bones. Alternatively, we can place an implant into the chin, which is a smaller operation, so the recovery time is less. However, there are greater risks of infection and long term risks of migration and resorption of the normal bone with this technique. We can also use fat transfers to build up the chin and perform liposuction to the neck to add extra balance to the whole region.

To make a chin smaller and more feminine, we often need to shave off a small area from the end of the bone of the chin and raise the softer part of the chin upwards.

There may be considerable swelling after any chin operation, though we do try and minimise this as best as we can. There are also risks with nerve injuries leading to patches of weakness and numbness around the lips and chin region. We obviously try and keep any disruption to your nerves as low as possible with very careful operating techniques but you should be aware of these risks, along with the other risks of any surgery