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The Consultation

Your cosmetic surgery initial consultation will usually last just under 30 minutes. During this time you and your plastic surgeon will discuss all aspects of the proposed surgery.

The consultation will include:
Taking a history
this is where the surgeon asks you about your expectations from surgery and the current problems that you're experiencing, what you don't like and what you're hoping to achieve, your past medical history, allergies, medications, and all other aspects of your lifestyle which may have a bearing on the proposed surgery

Physical examination
this is usually limited to the area being treated surgically. On occasion this may also include a general physical examination. Photographs are sometimes taken at this time for your confidential medical records.

once the history and examination are complete, a full discussion of the procedure takes place. This includes talking about what we can and cannot do, what we expect the result to be, the risks of the procedure and how to make the decision to go ahead with a booking for surgery.

After the consultation
After the consultation you will receive a letter summarising what we discussed, and once you read the letter we ask that you hand it in to your GP. We may also ask for a quote to be sent out to you for the procedure recommended.

Once you have had your consultation, you should have a think about how you would like to proceed. You are very welcome to have a return visit some time later, as you may have more questions to ask your plastic surgeon.

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