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Types of Treatment

Taimur Shoaib will be happy to see you for a variety of cosmetic and plastic surgery requirements. However, he has particular skills in the following conditions.

Trunk and limb

Head and Neck

Facial rejuvenation without surgery

These include muscle relaxants, fillers and chemical peels. Taimur Shoaib can see you for a consultation at La Belle Forme Clinic for these non-surgical facial procedures. Sometimes these will be recommended as part of your facial rejuvenation procedure, and often skin care is required to freshen the face with creams and lotions prior to a chemical peel a few months after a facelift.

We can also offer mini facelifts under local anaesthetic an sedation. This means you are half awake during the procedure and you go home as soon as you are well enough to go home. Please enquire about an all the different types of facial rejuvenation procedures via our online enquiry form or phone our call centre and leave your details for a call back.