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Before the operation
Once you have decided to have surgery, you will be given a suitable date and your admission will be arranged. You will usually be admitted on the day of surgery and will be discharged from hospital once you are fit enough to look after yourself. For most operations this will mean a stay in hospital for a day or two. Occasionally, people undergoing a breast reduction or abdminoplasty will need to stay longer. This is because drains are placed into the tissues after these operations. Once the drains dry up, you can go home. Most often, drains will stay in place for 24-48 hours, however, on occasion they do not dry up within 48 hours, particularly after an abdominoplasty. Sometimes we let people go home with their drains in place and daily dressing appointments are arranged until the drains are out if there is persistent drainage.

Post operative care
After your operation, you will be seen every day while you are in hospital by your consultant. Experienced nurses will look after you and make sure you are comfortable. You will also be examined regularly to make sure you are progressing well. After discharge from hospital, we will ask you to return for dressing checks and a follow up appointment with the plastic surgeon a few weeks after the surgery. You are always welcome to contact your plastic surgeon at any stage after your surgery for advice, and if you contact him by email you can include photographs

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