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BUPA and other insurance work

Mr Shoaib is registered with most of the insurance companies that provide medical insurance to their members. To be seen by him, your GP needs to make a referral to La Belle Forme Clinic and your insurance company needs to authorise the consultationt treatment. Please bring all your insurance details with you and please note that some policies carry an excess and some insurance companies do not cover all the fees associated with your surgical treatment. You are welcome to ask for a quote prior to any procedure being performed and you are welcome to ask your insurance company to reimburse you for the fees Mr Shoaib will be charging. However, any shortfall will need to be covered and this is increasingly becoming the case with insurance companies. Ultimately, the costs of surgery are the responsibilty of the person being treated - sometimes people will have insurance where the insurance company provides benefits to the insurer which may include paying for some types of surgery.

Medicolegal work

Mr Shoaib has clinical experience and expertise in several aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, including head and neck cancers, skin cancers, cosmetic surgery, soft tissue trauma and general reconstructive surgery. For a medicolegal opinion, please ask your solicitor to write directly to Mr Taimur Shoaib at La Belle Forme Clinic or make a referral via email to enquiries@shoaib.co.uk.

Skin surgery

Some skin surgery is not covered by the NHS or insurance companies. If you would like to see Mr Shoaib about a relatively small skin blemish, birthmark or mole, please let his office know at the time of booking your consultation and we will make sure the minor procedures room is available at the time of your visit. More information on moles is here