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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and confidentiality is one of the most important things to us. We will not pass on your personal details to anyone without your knowledge and permission or if it necessary as part of your ongoing care and our commitment to you. It is considered good medical practice to communicate your information to your GP and we may do this or we write to you with a letter to hand in to your GP.

Your permission will usually be sought in writing when passing medical information onto someone else and you will be asked to sign a document giving us this permission. We will not show your before and after photographs to anyone without your written permission. Your details include your before and after photographs, as well as clinic letters and operation notes. Pictures of the effects of aesthetic surgery are taken primarily for your medical records. They are not routinely shown to anyone without your express and written permission. If you wish your medical records to be given to you for any reason, we are happy to give them to you.

We have a right to charge you under the data protection act when sending your medical records. If you wish your records sent to you by email then please note that email is not a secure system and emails from one person to another are occasionally read and seen by other people. You will need to write to the Glasgow Nuffield Hospital or La Belle Forme Clinic to get copies of your records held by the hospital. Requests for copies for case notes held by other organisations (eg the NHS or private hospitals) will incur a charge from those organisations, but you may only need the records we hold for any purpose you need. If you ask another organisation or firm to act on your behalf to obtain case notes, there will be a charge.

If you ever give us permission to share your details (for example photographs or if you become someone who is happy to speak to other potential patients who wish cosmetic surgery) then you can withdraw this consent at any time. You can do this by phone, email, letter, or any other means.

If you give us your telephone number, email address, postal address or any other way for us to contact you, then we may use that method of communication to contact you. Please note that sometimes we may leave discreet message on answering machines, that emails are sometimes read by other people and not all envelopes are opened by the intended recipient. We will do our very best to ensure confidentiality but we also ask you to give us your correct contact details and try to ensure that the methods of contacting you will allow confidentiality to be maintained.