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Moles and Skin Lesions

If you would like a mole removed then we can do this as an out patient local anaesthetic procedure. This means you walk in to the hospital and a short while later you leave with your mole removed. We will, of course, need to see you first for a consultation to advise you of the procedure, but we can often combine the consultation and the procedure on the same day if we plan this in advance. There are two main ways of removing a mole: surgical excision and shave excision. Up to three moles can be removed in one sitting, unless there is a suspicion of skin cancer in which case as many will be removed as is necessary.

The procedure of surgical exicision is a minor operation and involves injections of local anaesthetic into the area being treated. This numbs the skin and allows us to remove the mole without you feeling any discomfort. Once the mole has been removed, we put in some stiches and you can go home after that. The whole procedure takes about half an hour and when you go home you need to rest for the remainder of the day. Occasionally we see bleeding, bruising, tenderness around the scar, recurrence and incomplete exicision of the mole, but usually the procedure goes well. After a week or so you have your stitches removed and we see you for a check up about 6 weeks later. You will be left with a scar, and although, as specialist plastic surgeons, we like to think we can produce very nice scars which are well hidden, there is always the slight risk that the scar will be prominent and visible. This is not common, however, and we will always look after you if there is a problem with the scar after a mole has been removed.

Shaving a mole is another way of removing it. In this method, the skin is anaesthetised with an injection of local anaesthetic and the mole is shaved down to the level of the surrounding skin or a little deeper. This often leaves the base of the mole in the skin but new skin grows over the mole to leave a flattened area of skin under which there is a small remnant of the mole. A dressing is placed over the area shaved and this stays in place for a week or so. The scar takes a few weeks to settle down, after which we see you for a final check up.

The method that is best for you will be discussed at a consultation but there are advantages and disadvantages of each technique for your particular moles and your particular skin. We can discuss all these at the preliminary consultation.

You can book a consultation by filling out our Contact Form or you can call us on 0800-6-12-0-886 to book a consultation directly. If you would like to book your procedure on the same day please let us know at the time of booking and we will arrange this for you.